Our Products

MK1 – All Engine Protector

MK2 – Safety Solvent Degreaser

MK6 – Drain Trap Opener

MK7 – Metal Clear Coating

MK8 – Coil Fins Alkaline Cleaner

MK9 – Coil Fins Acidic Cleaner

MK10 – Electrical Contact Cleaner

MK11 – Fast Dry Contact Cleaner

MK12 – Tech Oil

MK13 – Germ Go

MK14 – Eco Insect Control

MK15 – Magic Cream

MK16 – Neutral Cleaner

MK17 – Non-Stick Floor Cleaner

MK18 – Eco Kitchen Cleaner

MK19 – Wire Lubricant and Protector

MK20 – Marine Cleaner

MK21 – Power Bolt and Nut Opener

MK22 – Oil and Grease Breaker

MK23 – Paint Stripper

MK24 – Carbon Remover

MK25 – Cooling Tower Conditioner

MK26 – Cooling Tower Algae Control

MK27 – Cooling Tower Scale Control

MK28 – Cooling Tower Micro Organism Control

MK29 – Boiler Conditioner

MK30 – Boiler Gas Releaser

MK31 – Water pH Increaser

MK32 – Water pH Reducer

MK33 – Motor On line Cleaner

MK34 – Rust Converter

MK35 – Car Mark Remover

MK36 – Clear Protective Coating

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